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    Guangdong 开元app官网下载_开元Ky2020旧版本棋牌 Co., Ltd. is located in Dapu County, the hometown of blue and white porcelain in China. It is a modern enterprise management system established in May 2012 based on the original private enterprise Taoyuan Ceramics Factory in Dapu County. The company is a provincial-level private technology enterprise specializing in the production of underglaze and blue-and-white porcelain. In September 2014, it passed the recognition of national high-tech enterprises.

    The company is located in the industrial district of Taoyuan Town, Dapu County. The factory covers an area of over 16,000 square meters. It has a new 80-meter electric mixed-fire energy-saving tunnel kiln, a 24-cube liquefied gas kiln, three 12-cubic liquefied gas kiln, and five Electric kiln, 35 roller presses and 3 large-scale mud shovel. In 2005……